Symbolism and Allusions in The Giver Since Gabriel is a baby, he is more of a symbol rather than a character.On Jan 1, 1997 Vicky Menexas published: Efferent and Aesthetic Stance: Understanding the Definition of Lois Lowry's "The Giver" as Metaphor.

Efferent and Aesthetic Stance: Understanding the

Similes in The Giver. Her. writing technique is more direct, and to the point. Example:.

ChaCha Answer: There is more anti-personification that personification in The giver.

The story has some adult-oriented themes, such as free will, the suppression of.

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The first sense that Jonas receives is the sense of touch or feeling.

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Figurative Languages of The Giver Imagery Definition: The use of figurative language to represent objects, actions, and ideas in such a way that it appeals to our.

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